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Peru’s Fruit Exports Increase in First Half of 2023  

Peru’s Fruit Exports Increase in First Half of 2023

Peru’s fruit exports reached USD 1044 million during Jan-Jul 2023 compared to USD 948 million recorded in the same period of 2022. In the complete year 2022, Peru exported fruits worth USD 1551 million. Fresh grapes, blueberries, avocadoes, and mangoes are the most exported fruits. Peru is the world’s largest exporter of blueberries. Quarter-wise, Peru’s fruit exports reached USD 954 million in Q1 of 2023, a rise from USD 861 million in the same quarter of 2022. Here is a picture of Peru’s fruit export market.

Quarter-wise Analysis of Peru’s Fruit Exports

Peru’s fruit exports totaled USD 861 million in Q1 of 2022 which increased to USD 954 million in Q1 of 2023. In the last quarters, the lowest value of shipments was recorded in Q3 of 2022. Go through the chart and analyze Peru’s fruit exports reported from Q1 of 2022 to Q2 of 2023.

Peru’s Top 10 Export Destinations of Fruits 2022

The top ten countries for Peru’s fruit exports in 2022 were the United States, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Mexico, China, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, South Korea, and Russia. According to our data, Peru’s exports of fruits to the U.S. totalled USD 682 million in 2022. Check the values of other countries through the given chart.

Peru’s Top 10 Export Destinations of Fruits (Jan-Jul 2023)

Peru’s fruit exports to the United States totalled USD 511 million during Jan-Jul 2023. Other major export destinations of Peru’s fruits in the period were the Netherlands, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, Canada, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. The given chart shows data visualization of these countries.

Peru is currently seeking China market access for additional agricultural products, including bananas, pomegranates, pecans, dragon fruits, chestnuts, and various frozen fruits.

Peru exports fruits to around 80 countries in the world. The products with the greatest demand are frozen strawberries, bananas, frozen mangoes, avocados, fresh grapes, and fresh cranberries.

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