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America’s Pork Market Expands Boundaries Into Mexico Food Sector

America's Pork Market Expands Boundaries Into Mexico Food Sector

America’s pork market is expanding its boundaries by entering into the Mexican food market. The US Market Export Federation (USMEF) has shared its views on strengthening the US pork industry in the retail and food service sector of Mexico and benchmarking its top quality.

Under the marketing program named “American Pure Pork”, the USA is aiming to enhance and provide a “pure” level of quality in pork to Mexican consumers to increase sales and retain a long-term position in the Mexican market, considering both of them are close trading partners.

Mexico’s Pork Demand – Historical and Current

The demand for pork in the Mexican market can be understood through the trade data of Mexico, consisting of both the historical and current import statistical values for Chapter 02—Edible Meat and Offal, and its bifurcated HS Code classifications.

As per Mexico’s trade data, the historical imports of pork in the Mexican market on a global scale are as follows: $1.37 billion in 2018, followed by $1.52 in 2019, $1.30 billion in 2020, $2.07 billion in 2021, and $2.61 billion in 2022. The highest imports are registered in 2022.

The analysis of the represented dataset presents a state of high demand in the Mexican market for swine meat/pork and its imports. The value of the imports has constantly increased each year, except for 2020 due to trade restrictions around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The following findings have come under our observation through the trade intelligence platform online –

  • Mexico’s imports for Chapter 02 “Edible Meat” were the 21st-highest imports in 2022
  • Mexico’s imports for Heading 0203 “Swine Meat” were at the top among “02” in 2022

Who are the top partners exporting swine meat/pork to Mexico in 2022? As per Mexico’s imports 2022, the top five countries exporting pork to Mexico are—the USA ($2.1 billion), followed by Canada ($388.4 million), Spain ($29.4 million), Chile ($6.7 million), and Ireland ($0.2 million).

According to the shown Mexico import data 2022, the USA is at the top of all the trading partners for Mexico’s pork imports. The USA accounted for the largest share of pork imports to Mexico among all partners and held a share value of up to 84% in the Mexican market for 2022.

America’s Pork Market Widespread in Mexico

From the derived values of Mexico’s trade data from the online intelligence platform, historical figures are represented and current market trends for the trade of swine meat/pork between both countries can be understood.

The following dataset represents America’s pork market expansion in the Mexican market and its growth in the past five years. In 2018, total import value amounted to $1.1 billion, followed by $1.2 billion in 2019, plunged back to $1.1 billion in 2020, and surged in the next two years.

The year 2021 accounted for a total value of $1.6 billion and stood at the highest value of $2.18 billion in 2022. The relevance and accountability of America’s pork market have considerably increased among Mexican consumers and accounted for the highest growth in the year 2022.

The following table shows the monthly trends for pork imports in Mexico coming from the US for the year 2022. American pork imports in Mexico this year accounted for the highest value in November with $245.7 million and for the lowest value with $108.8 million in February.

The US authorities concerned with the expansion of America’s pork market in the Mexican market are collaborating with different alliances and associations to fund the “American Pure Pork” programme and set a benchmark for US-labeled pork products among consumers.

In conclusion, the primary market development objective of the US Meat Export Federation is to strengthen the identification of American pork and differentiate it as the finest quality pork available in the Mexican market, targeting the retail and food service sector such as restaurants.

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