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Duct Cleaning Robots Are New Face Of HVAC Cleaning Regime

HVAC Cleaning Robots Market 2021

HVAC cleaning robots are rising in popularity among major nations around the globe. Cleaning HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are complex work for human labourers since complex structures of the HVAC system doesn’t give easy access to reach the duct’s surface. Robots are a significant alternative to using a manual workforce for such tasks.

Due to rising concerns of sanitation and prevention of any sort of infection, the requirement to adopt cleaning and hygienic measures is also surging. Global cleaning and disinfection robots’ market size will grow with a compound annual growth rate of 15.9% during the forecast period 2019-2025.

Anatomy of HVAC Cleaning Robots — With Trade Values

HVAC cleaning robots requires the assembling of different finished raw materials to manufacture and proper functioning. We will look at each major component with its trade value for the highest importing country for these materials to assemble robots, i.e., the United States of America.

Brushes (9603)

Brushes are the most common cleaning equipment used as a probe (or attachment) on the robots to clean out the ducts from dust, dead maggots, or any infectious source of pathogens. In place of brushes, scrubber blades, silicon whips, injection pump/nebulizers (or nebulisation nozzles) with chemical substances such as disinfectants are used accordingly. Represented import data for brushes includes import values taken from the USA import-export database 2021 for the classification of Heading 9603.

USA Import Data 2021 For Heading 9603

Wheels (4016)

Wheels are the basic component of the robots that provide them locomotive assistance to move through ducts. Electromagnetic wheels with proper adhesive systems give propulsion to robots on the vertical surfaces of a few HVAC systems. Wheels are interchangeable with rubber-based track wheels that have flat surfaces, almost like a military tank. Shown USA import data highlights share values for all rubber-based items imported in the USA along three quarters of the year 2021 so far, taking Heading 4016 as the classification. This will include any other rubber-based materials used for robots.

USA Import Data 2021 For Heading 4016

Microcontrollers (854231)

As per the definition of microcontrollers, this electrical equipment is like a mini-computer for various machines such as home appliances, motor vehicles, etc. Microcontrollers use an integrated circuit on a single semiconductor, made of metal oxide, to carry on other necessary electrical functions. Below data is classified on the basis of Subheading 854231, retrieved from the import database of the USA for the year 2021.

USA Import Data 2021 For Subheading 854231

IP Cameras (852560)

Internal protocol camera (simply, IP camera) is used for sending out the live recording visuals through internal transmission, usually by transceivers or related equipment. The recipient on the other side uses a display screen to monitor the duct from within. Shown USA import data for the Subheading 852560 is shown with the corresponding share value of each quarter for the taken period of the year 2021.

USA Import Data 2021 For Subheading 852560

Radio Remote Controls (852692)

Radio remote controls work like a remote-controlled car that helps in moving the robots through HVAC systems. It requires a human operator to navigate the robots according to the duct’s design and rotate the camera & attachments timely to meet the necessary cleaning requirements. Take a look at the USA import data 2021 for Subheading 852692.

USA Import Data 2021 For Subheading 852692

Initially, the technology of duct cleaning robots helped the manual labour force to inspect ducts before entering them, through the screen equipped with the robot. The technology and robot’s design further developed to offer thorough cleaning with the introduction of probes such as brushes, scrubber blades, nebulizers, and much more accordingly requirements and ideas.

According to our trade data experts, Asia-Pacific regions are the highest potential market for the emerging technologies of cleaning robots, especially HVAC systems. Global HVAC systems market size was valued at $127.4 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth of 5.9% (2021-2028).

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