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3 Years of Brexit: Where Does The UK’s Trade Stand Now?

3 Years of Brexit… It’s been three years since the United Kingdom and the European Union formally implemented Brexit. Two years since the UK completely withdrew itself from the EU. With that, the UK also let go of some benefits it had while in the group. The imports and exports of the UK have gone […]

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The Highest UK Inflation In 40 Years, Living Cost Soaring High

The United Kingdom is struck by its 40-year-high inflation rate with the rising living costs in the country. People are suffering the hit of rising prices due to this year’s UK inflation rate. Consumers in the UK are near to the brink of losing control over their household finances. The UK officials are worried about […]

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US, UK, And EU Ban The Luxury And Other Goods Exports To Russia

Russia’s energy exports are increasingly getting sanctioned by the Western nations and different countries, which are likely to cut or alter the bilateral trade with Russia. This is in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which started a few weeks ago. The three western nations—the USA, UK, and EU are closely working together to drain and put a strain on the war chest of Russia by putting sanctions and bans on certain commodities. Recently, a number of lifestyle-related final product exports to Russia are also banned. Russia Imports, 2021 Russia waged a war with Ukraine […]

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G7 Countries Not To Limit Their Food Exports, Says Ministers

G7 countries in a recent announcement have pleaded with all the member countries to not restrict or limit their food exports in order to self-sustain or battle out with other countries amid the Russia-Ukraine war. Shipments from Russia and Ukraine are halted due to the war. G7 countries consist of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, […]

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Russian Banks Block From SWIFT, Driving Investors To Be Anxious

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has driven different investors worldwide anxious and leaving worried about the potential outcome of actions taken by Western nations on Russia. Three Western countries have come together forming an alliance to sort of punish Russia for the deliberate attack on Ukraine and disturbing the world peace, perhaps. Three Western Nations […]

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Brexit 1 Year – Investigating Trade between EU and UK

Even after one year of post-Brexit, the dust has still not fully settled on the definitive shape of EU-UK relations as there are several as yet unresolved issues. Brexit has been a drag on growth. It brought new red tape on trade between Britain and its largest and closest market. It also removed a large […]

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