Africa Market Trend Trade

Rapid Expansion of Soybeans Farming Could Threaten Cerrado Savanna

Brazil could be hurled to being the world’s biggest producer and exporter of soybeans. The rapid expansion of soybean farming in Brazil is likely to destruct the Cerrado savanna. According to our database, Brazil is the world’s top soybean exporter, accounting for over 40% of total soybean exports. In 2021, soybean shipments worth US$38,638 million […]

Global Market Trend Trade

Rising Biofuels Demand, Hike In Soybean Oil Trade and Price

Soybean oil is one of the widely used biofuels in the world, with China as the top producer of soybean oil, accounting for about 17.92 million tons of soybean oil, as per USDA statistics 2021. Following China, the United States of America is the second-largest producer of soybean oil in the world, contributing to about […]

Asia Pacific Trade US & LATAM

US Soybean Shipments To China Will Slump After The Delays

The agricultural industry in China contributes to about 18 of the whole world’s cereal grains. It has the largest number of the total output of products, but the cultivation of crops is a lot less than what China output. China uses only 10% of its total area for the crops’ cultivation. China is the biggest […]

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