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Germany Export Growth Analysis: Rise Despite the Challenges

Germany’s economy has faced significant challenges in the last two quarters, from technical recession to becoming the old sick man of Europe. Germany has become the world’s 3rd largest economy, despite challenges. Strong economic fundamentals, Govt policies, manufacturing power, strategic trade partners, and other factors, led Germany to register growth and improve its trade performance. […]

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China and Russia to Push De-dollarization Agenda in BRICS 2024

China and Russia are likely to discuss the agenda of de-dollarization in BRICS 2024 as both countries have agreed to use local currencies up to $260 billion. To counter the plan of two influential BRICS members in favor of de-dollarization, the United States is playing the sanctions card against China and Russia. What will be […]


US Raises Concerns about India’s Import Regulations on IT Goods

The United States of America expressed concerns regarding India’s import regulations for specific information and communications technology (ICT) products such as automatic processing machines, and PCs. This concern arises amidst India’s decision to restrict the influx of such items. So, importers must obtain authorization for certain IT hardware imports. How much does India depend on […]

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Red Sea and Panama Canal Crises on Global Trade

The Red Sea and Panama Canal crises have taken the world of trade by storm. An unexpected chain of events has caused significant slowdowns in the affairs of trade. This has impacted the import and export trade of most countries dealing in various commodities. The escalating attacks in the Red Sea and climate-induced droughts have […]

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US House Passes Quad Bill: India’s Boost, China’s Challenge

The US recently presented constructive support for the QUAD, a comprehensive strategic group, by passing a bill in the House aimed at ensuring continuous support and fostering all-weather connectivity through supply chain diversification. What is QUAD? QUAD is a group of the world’s most influential countries including the USA, India, Japan, and Australia. Initially, it […]

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Why USA’s Gas Giants Tapping Asia and Mexico’s Markets?

The United States of America, the world’s largest gas producer and exporter, is working on a new gas pipeline on Mexico’s coast to bypass the drought-chocked Panama Canal and establish a direct trade route to Asia. This route potentially cuts travel times and costs significantly.  Once the development of the proposed project is completed, it […]

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Germany Inflation On Rise Again; Weaker Economy, Exports Down

Germany inflation is on the rise again this year and has led to the downfall of the economy. The declining economy of Europe’s largest economy has resulted in the market downfall and higher prices of most consumer goods. Consumer goods such as dairy products, confectionary such as jam and bread, and fresh produce such as […]

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UK Traders Worry Over Costly “Fresh Produce” Imports From The EU

In a recent set of events, UK traders are worrying about the new strategy of the UK government. The latest UK post-Brexit border strategy is known as the target operating model (TOM). The new strategy proposal includes an additional levy on the import checks procedures. Due to the new border strategy by the UK government, […]

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Global Kiwi Fruit Trade Declined in 2022 – Kiwi Fruit Market Analysis

Kiwi is a vitamin-rich fruit that originated from the Chinese Himalayas and is now produced worldwide. This fruit is extensively cultivated across countries like China, New Zealand, France, Italy, Greece, and others. The market size is estimated at USD 1.80 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach USD 2.30 billion by 2028. According to […]

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Denmark, First Country Ever To Import CO2 And Bury It Undersea

Denmark has become the first country in the world to import CO2 and bury it undersea. The country has been importing carbon dioxide, but never it has made a step in climate change to create storage and avoid the depletion of the greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. As per a new announcement, in the inauguration […]

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