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China and Russia to Push De-dollarization Agenda in BRICS 2024

China and Russia are likely to discuss the agenda of de-dollarization in BRICS 2024 as both countries have agreed to use local currencies up to $260 billion. To counter the plan of two influential BRICS members in favor of de-dollarization, the United States is playing the sanctions card against China and Russia. What will be […]

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EU-China Trade: A Tale of Increase & Decrease in Deficit

The European Union (EU), the world’s largest trading block consisting of 27 countries, and China, the world’s 2nd largest economy with a global manufacturing powerhouse, are failing on the economic front to sustain bilateral trade for both export and import businesses. China and the EU dominated the export market worldwide, with more than 17% and […]

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How China’s Metal Export Restrictions Can Impact Global Countries?

China’s metal market is a wide, significant and dynamic industry in the world. The more China produce the base metals, the double it consumes, leaving way for not only exports of these commodities but also inviting imports from other countries. Since the pandemic, countries, including China, are constantly putting efforts into rebounding their economy. However, […]

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China’s Trade Surplus Has Widened From $686B In 2021 To $877B In 2022

China’s trade has increased significantly over the past years, especially after the pandemic-ridden time in 2020. Amidst the different dynamics of the global economy and multilateral trade, various factors have contributed to a high rise in China’s trade values. The global trade activities rebounded in 2021, followed by the increased production of electronics, automobiles, and […]

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China’s Electronics Exports Down In Q1-2022 After Rising Values

China’s electronics exports to the world amounted to $898.95 billion in the year 2021. The exports of electronics from China to other countries accounted for significant growth over the past five years. It is predicted that the electronics industry will grow more. However, the recent outbreak of COVID-19 in China has resulted in an upside-down […]

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China Flower Exports ‘Rose’ In 2021, Industry Will Flourish

The flower industry is a really disorganized industry with fragmented market trends and companies that produces accessories, gifts, vases, loose cut flowers & pre-cut flower arrangements, artificial flowers and potted flowers and plants. It is probably the oldest market that still prevails in the modern generations and is still flourishing in quite lower fractions. Evidently, […]

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