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How China’s Metal Export Restrictions Can Impact Global Countries?

China’s metal market is a wide, significant and dynamic industry in the world. The more China produce the base metals, the double it consumes, leaving way for not only exports of these commodities but also inviting imports from other countries. Since the pandemic, countries, including China, are constantly putting efforts into rebounding their economy. However, […]

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Key Things that Make Your Business Plan Pro with 3PL

3PL (third-party logistics) providers encompass outsourced logistics services that offer a varied range of obtaining and execution. 3PL refers to shipping or storing products for better supply chain management. With this same process, businesses can do stocking and shipping items on behalf of a customer. SAP e-commerce plus other businesses with 3rd party logistics providers […]

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The Road to Green Freight – Challenges & Benefits of Sustainable Shipping

As governments around the world are increasingly working on sustainability, the freight industry has been facing pressure to reduce its carbon footprint. However, many companies are not ready to invest in transitioning to green freight transport. What is green freight? What are the benefits of green freight? What are the challenges companies are experiencing in […]

Global Market Trend Risk Analysis

5 Global Market Challenges to Watch This Winter 2023

How the global grain market will be in this winter of 2023? As corn carryout is less than 1 billion bushels, and soybeans are less than 250 million bushels. So will corn prices get over $8, and soybeans over $18? These are not normal and predictable times. The economic slowdown and reduced product demand around […]

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Banks Risk Widening Trade Finance Gap Amid ESG Challenge

Banks are facing a risk that stricter environment, social and governance criteria could worsen the trade finance gap by cutting off access to financing for companies that need it most. It could hinder their expansion of sustainable trade finance offerings to meet growing corporate demand. Trade finance comprises financial instruments that support a company’s imports […]

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The Highest UK Inflation In 40 Years, Living Cost Soaring High

The United Kingdom is struck by its 40-year-high inflation rate with the rising living costs in the country. People are suffering the hit of rising prices due to this year’s UK inflation rate. Consumers in the UK are near to the brink of losing control over their household finances. The UK officials are worried about […]

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Russia-Ukraine War – How Reliant is the World on Russian Oil & Gas?

Amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and the European Union have announced to restrict Russian crude oil and gas imports. However, still, they are dependent on Russian oil and gas as Russia is the world’s second-largest exporter of crude petroleum oil and seventh-biggest supplier of petroleum gas. According […]

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Russian Banks Block From SWIFT, Driving Investors To Be Anxious

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has driven different investors worldwide anxious and leaving worried about the potential outcome of actions taken by Western nations on Russia. Three Western countries have come together forming an alliance to sort of punish Russia for the deliberate attack on Ukraine and disturbing the world peace, perhaps. Three Western Nations […]

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Russia-Ukraine Crisis – Global Supply Chain Impact Likely

Several commodity markets are starting to experience a risk of global supply chain hindrance due to growing tension between Russia and Ukraine. There is still plenty of uncertainty over how the situation will evolve, but it is still worthwhile to look at the potential impact on international trade as prices of several commodities including crude […]

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COVID-19 Influenced The Biggest Growth Of Global Inflation

Global inflation 2022 is the biggest ever record of inflation in several countries in decades. Inflation in countries such as the United States of America, Australia, Germany, Italy, and Pakistan is making headlines in the recent market trends worldwide. The USA has hit the highest inflation rate, annually of 7.5% with a straight growth in […]

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