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Food Export Ban by Countries Shocks Global Market

Countries including India, Russia, Argentina, and Turkey have put a ban on exports of more than 25 food products until December 2023, causing an increase in global food prices. For instance, the prices of some import-oriented food commodities, including ginger, onion, garlic, chillies, cumin, tomatoes, carrots, and some other spices increased manifold in Bangladesh due to the restriction. This decision has also severely affected the global food supply chain, most notably affecting the food security of developing nations. Let’s check which countries have banned or put restrictions on exports of which food products.

List of Countries with Bans or Imposed Taxes on Food Exports

India, Russia, Argentina, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Turkey are some of the major countries that put bans and restrictions on exports of food products. Here is the list of countries with the type of food products that are banned and restricted by them.  

CountryType of Food Product
IndiaNon-Basmati White Rice
AlgeriaPasta, Wheat Derivatives, Vegetable Oil, and Sugar
MoroccoTomatoes, Onions, and Potatoes
TunisiaFruits and Vegetables
ArgentinaCattle Meat
BelarusApples, Cabbage, and Onion
Burkina FasoMiller Flour, Corn Flour, and Sorghum Flour
CameroonCereals and Vegetable Oils
KosovoWheat, Corn, Flour, Vegetable Oil, Salt, and Sugar
KuwaitChicken Meat and Grain
LebanonProcessed Fruits & Vegetables, Milled Grain Products, Sugar, and Bread
TurkeyBeef Meat, Sheep Meat, Goat, Cooking Oil, Red Lentils, and Beans
India (Imposed Taxes)40% Export Duty on Onions
Argentina (Imposed Taxes)Soybean Oil
Russia (Imposed Taxes)Soybeans, Sunflower Oil, Wheat, Barley, and Corn

Trade of Countries Banning Rice

On 20 July 2023, the Indian government announced that it would stop exporting non-basmati white rice effective immediately. The move was designed to help lower rice prices and secure availability in India. Russia and Bangladesh have also banned exports of rice to meet domestic consumption. Check export values of rice exported by India, Russia, and Bangladesh in 2022.

Trade of Countries Banning Onions

The Indian government imposed a 40% export duty on onions on 19 Aug 2023 due to concern over rising prices of onions. However, Azerbaijan and Morocco have put a ban on exports of onions. Here are the export values of onions reported by India, Azerbaijan, and Morocco in 2022.

Food export bans are not new. Since last year’s Russian invasion of Ukraine, the number of countries imposing export restrictions on food has risen from three to 16. These bans hurt the vulnerable people most because they dedicate a larger share of their incomes to buying food.

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