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Ukraine’s Food Exports To The EU Down By 17.5% In Q2 Post-War

Ukraine’s Food Exports To The EU Post-War

Ukraine’s food exports to the EU have declined in the post-war period, specifically in the immediate aftermath of the Russia-Ukraine war, which started out in February this year. Following the first quarter of 2022, the second quarter registered a significant downfall.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, food security in several countries has lessened, while the prices of food inflation have soared. Developed nations such as the EU, US, and UK have turned their attention to restricting Russian items, so the only hope is Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Food Exports

Ukraine’s contribution to the world’s food market accounts for 10% of the world’s wheat, 15% of the world’s corn, 13% of the world’s barley, and more than 50% of the world’s sunflower oil, as per the European Commission.

The exports of Ukraine’s food and agricultural products to the EU are shown in the represented Ukraine’s export data below. The list features the top all kinds of food-related commodities exported by Ukraine to the EU for the year 2021.

Ukraine’s Food Exports To The EU – Top Commodities (2021)

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Top Partner Countries For Ukraine

Ukraine’s top exporting countries in the EU for the exports of food-related products in 2021 are featured below. In the representative countries shown below, the ranking is according to the total export value of Ukraine in trade with the participating countries.

The top exporting countries for Ukraine’s food products in the EU are—Poland ($819.7 million), the Netherlands ($805.6 million), Spain ($470.1 million), Italy ($379.7 million), France ($324.2 million), and other countries. See the full list of countries in the table below.

Ukraine’s Food Exports To The EU – Top Exporting Countries (2021)

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Ukraine’s Food Exports To The EU Trend

The export trend for food exports from Ukraine to the EU is shown below in a quarterly division according to Ukraine’s export data 2022. The shown image below represents the quarterly values Ukraine exports for food-related products to the EU, from 2021 to 2022 so far.

Ukraine’s quarterly exports of food commodities to the EU account for: $938 million in Q1-2021, $917 million in Q2-2021, $1.03 billion in Q3-2021, and $1.24 billion in Q4-2021 with a final rise in the exports with a total value of $1.27 billion in the first quarter of 2022.

Ukraine’s Food & Agro-Based Exports To The EU – Quarterly

The exports after Q1-2022 fell in the second quarter, standing at a total value of $1.04 billion, showing a decline in the values by a percentile of 17.52% on a quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) basis. This period was followed by a month after Russia invaded Ukraine at the end of February.

The value in the next quarter increased and stood at a total value of $1.29 billion, showing an increase of 14.31% on a quarter-on-quarter basis. Amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, it is not certain whether Ukraine will be able to export the items, maintaining global food security.


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