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Japan’s Semiconductor Manufacturing Materials Exports Growth

Japan’s semiconductor manufacturing will be finding a slight boost this year as the exports of the manufacturing materials of semiconductor is rising. The semiconductor exports as an end product are expected to grow if semiconductor manufacturing will grow in the near time.

The semiconductor exports as compared to the semiconductor manufacturing industry output in Japan are at a bit lower levels. Nonetheless, the semiconductor exports will increase further as the semiconductor manufacturing materials will reach the countries manufacturing them.

Tracing Exports Trend of Materials So Far

The exports of semiconductor manufacturing materials from Japan are expected to grow as the representation of the semiconductor exports shows the second quarter of 2022 amounted to $236.61 million, up by 0.53% from the previous quarter amounting to $235.36 million.

Japan’s Semiconductor Parts Export – Quarterly

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Japan’s Top Export Partners For Materials

Japan’s top export partners for semiconductor manufacturing materials in 2021 were—Singapore (49.4%), China (14.1%), Thailand (9.7%), Malaysia (6.9%), Taipei (5.8%), the USA (3.2%), South Korea (2.2%), Philippines (1.9%), Hong Kong (1.6%), and Germany (0.8%).

Japan’s Semiconductor Parts – Top Partners (2021)

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Semiconductor Materials Exports Comparison

The exports shown below represent the comparison of the exports of semiconductor manufacturing materials between 2021 and 2022 on a quarterly basis. The first quarter of 2021 amounted to $187.92 million, and the second quarter accounted for $213.39 million.

Japan’s Semiconductor Parts Export Comparison

The first quarter of 2022 amounted to $235.36 million and the second quarter amounted to $236.61 million. The total value of exports amounted to $401.31 million in 2021 and $471.98 million in 2022. This shows an increase in exports with a difference of $70.6 million (17.61%).

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Japan’s Semiconductor Manufacturing Materials Exports

The exports of semiconductor manufacturing materials shown below represent the monthly values according to available data of Japan’s exports 2022. Japan’s semiconductor manufacturing materials accounted for the highest in June, amounting to $86.02 million.

Japan’s Semiconductor Parts Exports (2022) – Monthly

The exports of semiconductor parts in 2022 started with an amount of $77.2 million and declined next month by 2.9%, followed by an increase of 10.6% in March. The values dropped in April and May two times in a row by 8.4% and 1.9%, and finally registered the highest surge of 15.3% in June. The values showed a higher probability of growing semiconductor outputs.

As long as the exports of raw materials will be shipped out in finite quantities and outbound shipments reaching on time to the buyer countries, semiconductor production will grow at significantly levels in the manufacturing countries, leading to the increasing manufacturing outputs of semiconductor devices, and solving the global semiconductor shortage crisis.


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