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Global PC Shipments Get A Slow Down Due To Various Factors

Trade for personal computers (PCs) is likely to slow down in the coming months. Recent reports suggest that demand for electronic devices such as computers and smartphones decreased. This is especially true after the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

PC shipments on a global scale are likely to get slacked in quantity due to the limited and no high demand from consumers. Inflation and other factors have contributed to this. The import-export trend of personal computers gives insight into the market for computers.

PC Imports – By Country (2021)

According to the shown import data 2021, the top importing countries importing computers are—the USA (25.2%), China (8%), Germany (7%), Hong Kong (5.8%), and Japan (4%). The USA is the largest importing country among all the top countries shown in the list. This indicates that there is a high demand for personal computers in the USA than in any other country.

Top Computer Importing Countries (2021)

PC Exports – By Country (2021)

As per the shown global export data 2021, the top exporting countries for computers are—China (43.6%), Mexico (7.9%), Hong Kong (7.6%), the USA (6.4%), and Germany (4.4%). China is the largest exporting country for personal computers, with the highest share value. This shows that the demand for computers made in China is among the most valuable commodities to trade.

Top Computer Exporting Countries (2021)

PC Imports – In The Past Decade

The shown computer import statistics show the yearly trend of the total imports of computers. This covers a time span of 10 years, ranging from 2012 to 2021. As per this import data, the demand for computers has risen exponentially in recent years, especially in 2021. The total export value of computers in 2021 amounted to $468.9 billion, which is the highest ever recorded. The imports for computers for 2021 show an increase of 14.47%.

Computer Imports In Past Decade

PC Exports – In The Past Decade

The shown below computer export statistic provides yearly export values with them each corresponding year. This data covers a time period from the year 2021 to the year 2021 (a decade). As per this trade statistics 2021, the exports of computers similar to the trend of its imports grew in 2021. Exports in 2021 amounted to $419.3 billion, showing a 9.5% increase.

Computer Exports In Past Decade

Factors For Reduced Global PC Shipments

COVID-19 has played a bigger role as an origin of the slowing flow of PC shipments. The lockdown restrictions and safety measures halted the manufacturing processes. The new wave and a plausible threat of rising cases of COVID-19 in China have reduced the exports of computers, as per recent reports.

The inflation that started in January 2022 is expected to bring down the consumer’s purchase power for electronic devices such as computers and tablets. This will hinder the supply chain of the said commodity and will reduce the number of PC shipments traded between countries.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine happened in the next following month of the global inflation, in February 2022. The war between countries brought supply chain hindrances and trade of goods difficult. It does not have a direct impact on PC shipments, but it can create ripple effects.


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