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Turkey’s Barley Imports Increased Sharply in 2021 Due to Low Production

Turkey Barley Imports

Turkey has reported a sharp increase in barley imports in 2021 due to low production. According to our database, Turkey’s barley imports totalled US$668.6 million in 2021, a rise from the 2020s US$163.4 million. Russia and Ukraine were the top suppliers of barley to Turkey. Turkey produced about 4500000 MT of barley in 2021, down by 44.44% as compared to the previous year. Get a complete picture of Turkey imports of barley and barley production in Turkey for detailed and better analysis.

Barley Production in Turkey (2012-2021)

Despite the decline in the assessment of domestic consumption, a significant reduction in barley production creates the need to increase grain imports, the volumes of which this season may become record-breaking. In 2021, barley production in Turkey fell significantly by 44.44%. In fact, as per the last ten years’ stats, years 2014, 2016, and 2021 saw a major decline in the production of barley. Get a proper data visualization of Turkey’s barley production to gain better market insights.  

Turkey Barley Production (2012-2021) – Growth Rate

Turkey’s Barley Imports in 2021

Barley imports from Turkey increased significantly to US$668.6 million in 2021 from US$163.4 million reported in 2020. Quarter-wise, Turkey imported barley the most in the second half of 2021. In Q3 and Q4, Turkey imported US$581.3 million worth of barley from the global countries, particularly from Russia and Ukraine. According to the reports, in 2022, Turkey’s imports of barley are expected to decline considerably due to the supply chain affected by the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. Below given chart shows the dollar amount of barley imports in Turkey by a quarter in 2021.  

Turkey’s Barley Imports (2021)

Turkey’s Imports of Barley by Year

Turkey’s barley imports rose drastically in 2021 due to low production. As Turkey’s production of barley declined by over 40% last year, the country imported the grain in huge quantities from other countries to meet their local demand. According to our database, Turkey imported US$668.6 million worth of barley in 2021, a sharp increase from US$163.4 million reported a year earlier. Here’s a data visualization of Turkey barley imports in the last ten years to get a better understanding of the market. 

Turkey’s Barley Imports – Yearly

Turkey Barley Imports – By Origin Country (2021)

Russia and Ukraine were the top suppliers of barley to Turkey, with a total market share of 80.3%. Russia’s market share was 4.4% and Ukraine’s market share was 35.9%. Russia and Ukraine are one of the biggest exporters of barley in the world, so Turkey imported the grain from these countries in 2021 to meet its local demand that increased due to low production. Here’s a list of Turkey’s top 10 import partners of barley with value in dollar and percentage with essential data visualization.

Turkey’s Barley Imports (2021) – Origin Country

In 2022, Turkey has to increase the production of barley, otherwise, the country needs to look for other import sources of barley as the trade of goods and global supply chain is affected by ongoing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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