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EU Remains Highly Potential Market for Vietnamese Rice Exporters

EU Imports Vietnamese Rice

With stable and great demand for speciality rice from Asia, the European Union (EU) remains a highly potential market for rice exporters of Vietnam. Our market research report on EU imports Vietnamese rice, EU’s rice imports from Vietnam totalled US$ 38 million in 2021 (till Sep stats), an increase from the 2020s US$ 35 million. Besides Vietnam, India, and Pakistan are also the biggest rice suppliers of the EU countries. Gain market insights of the EU rice market with detailed trade information.  

EU Imports Rice from Vietnam

According to our database, the EU imported rice worth US$ 38 million (till Sep data) from Vietnam. In quantity terms, Vietnam shipped about 60,000 tonnes of rice in the said year. The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), which came into effect on 1st Aug 2020, has helped raise prices of the Vietnamese grain by 10-20 USD per tonne, partly making up for the modest increase in volume due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Below given chart shows the dollar amount of EU imports rice from Vietnam reported from 2012 to 2021.

EU Imports Rice from Vietnam – By Year

To Vietnam, the EU is its third-largest importer of agricultural products, about 5.5 billion USD per year. However, farm produce from the Southeast Asian nation has made up just 4 per cent of the bloc’s imports of these commodities. In particular, Vietnamese rice only has a market share of merely over 1 per cent.

EU Rice Import Market for Other Asian Countries

Apart from Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, and China are other major rice suppliers to the European Union, among which Pakistan and India are the top ones. In 2021 (till Sep stats), Pakistan shipped rice worth US$ 412 million and India exported rice worth US$ 287 million to the European Union. Our data shows a list of Asian countries with dollar amounts that supplied rice to the EU in 2021.

Top EU Rice Imports – By Asian Countries (Q1-Q3’21)

The Vietnam Food Association and market research agencies predicted rice exports to the EU will continue growing well in 2022. Notably, the improved quality of fragrant rice has met European consumers’ demand.

In 2022 also, the EU will remain the potential import market for Vietnamese rice exporters. Our market research report provides a complete picture of the EU import market of rice with detailed trade information. Get all updates on the EU rice import market with shipping details by HS Code, Product Description with Rice Brand, Value, Quantity, Importer, Exporter, Origin Country, and so on.


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