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US LNG Exports Rose To High Levels In 2021, Production Increased

US LNG Exports Rose and Production Increased To High Levels in 2021

At the USA export terminals, deliveries of liquified natural gas (LNG) have increased in the period of November 2021. Record levels surged from 10.9 billion cubic feet per day on November 30, 2021, to 11.2 billion cubic feet per day in the same period for the year 2021. These readings are from the total gas deliveries at six major operating facilities of the USA.

According to Market Inside’s intelligence, the USA export data 2020 shows whooping exports of about $1.8 billion for LNG exports to different countries. We will look at the top exporting countries for the USA’s LNG in 2020 and LNG exports of 2021 so far.

USA Exporting Destinations, 2020

The USA export data 2020 below represents the top exporting countries of the USA for LNG with their corresponding share value in total exports of 2020. India was the top importer for USA’s LNG in 2020 with an approximated high share value of 33.59%. The USA and India have been in close alliances for the climate change on Paris Agreement, and it is growing further.

Export to Chile is the second highest with an approximate value of 24.78%, followed by Mexico with 13.61%, Pakistan with 7.97%, Turkey with 7.7%, and more, as shown in the list of top exporting partners below. Check out the robust coverage of our importing and exporting countries for various data types.

US Export Data (2020) – Top Countries

USA Exports 2021 – By Month

The Forbes study mentions that LNG is the fastest-growing commodity in the US right now, as growing concerns over climate change are driving more demand for liquified natural gas over the fossil fuels such as coal. The study further explains that the USA have a total of 6 terminals for liquified natural gas now, as aforementioned. The USA is the largest producer and exporter of LNG throughout the world. India and China are the next big destinations that are shifting their core mechanism of energy production from fossil fuels to natural gas.

August is the highest exported month of 2021 so far with an approximated share value of 19.05%, as per availability of the USA export data 2021. The second-highest share value of 2021 is in the month of June with a value of 16.15%, followed by January and February with the respective approximate share values of 10.01% and 9.53%. The least exports are in September with a share value of 8.65% for the USA’s LNG exports.

US LNG Exports (January-September 2021)

USA has exported the highest in August so far due to the growing demand for LNG in the energy industry and the need for production. Our trade data experts reveals the fastest growing market for the USA’s LNG is in India right now.

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