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Global Baby Cradles Market Will Rise In The Coming Future

Infant beds and toddler beds (commonly called ‘baby beds’) are some of the most demanding commodities for households with newborns and infants. There are different options for infant and toddler beds including cradles, cribs, bassinet, etc. Baby carriages are vehicle-form baby bed that is remote in nature. The demand for the cradles has risen more than others. Baby beds’ industry growth is rising due to various factors, including the previous year’s COVID-19.

The global market of cribs and cots reached a value of $1.33 billion in 2020. This market is projected to reach a value of $1.7 billion by 2026. The key brands of these commodities are Arms Reach, Angel Line, Da Vinci Furniture, Kolcraft, Baby’s Dream Furniture, and other crucial brands. We will be reflecting on the top import-export regions for baby carriages and other commodities of this category.

Baby Carriages Imports, 2020

In terms of total imports, the baby carriages market is largely found in the European zones with an aggregated value of $822 million, followed by American continents with a combined value of $356 million including other regions, as per global trade statistics 2020. Among all other American countries, the USA has the largest imports with the highest value of 246.3 million US dollars.

The USA imports are the highest in all American regions, with an import value of about $246.3 million. The top USA importing partner is Argentina, with a high share value of 36.15% for the year 2020. Chile is the second-largest importing country for the USA with a share value of 31.89%, followed by the Philippines at the third place with a value of 24.6% share, India with a value of 4%, and Venezuela with an import value of 1.43% share. See the below USA import data 2020 for other countries, retrieved from our expansive trade intelligence.

USA Import Data 2020

Baby Cradles Imports, 2021

According to China imports 2020, it is the biggest importer of other kinds of furniture (9403). To represent imports of China for different types of baby beds including cribs, bassinets, and cradles, the HS-Code classification used is 9403. China imports for furniture and furniture made of different materials are included in the below represented China import data 2021. The taken time period is chosen on the basis of the availability of China trade data, i.e., Jan to Sep 2021.

The highest imports for 9403 in China is in March with an approximate value of 42.26% share. The least import for the concerned line of commodities is in September 2021 with a share value of 1.84% imports. Looking at the import data of China below, imports are falling with a constant frequency, likely due to the factor that China is also one of the major manufacturers of furniture.

China Import Data 2021

As per our trade data experts, the baby cradles market is absolute to rise in the near years due to different parameters among people in different countries. The rising awareness of childcare, increasing quality of life, and rising population are some of the factors that contribute to the demand for infant/toddler beds.

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